Personal Statement I admire Barack Obama Dissertation Example

Category: Leadership
Subcategory: Politics
Level: High School
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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: Personal Statement I admire Barack Obama as a leading figure in global politics. The American politician was the 44th US President. He was the first African-American President of the United States. Obama rose from a junior Senator of Illinois State in the US who became the occupant of the coveted office. He served his country for 8 years and retired after serving for the maximum two terms of the presidency (Palacio 2). Obama rose from a humble beginning because a single mother raised him. His childhood was not colorful because he kept shifting from the US to Indonesia. I admire Barack Obama because of his intellectual ability and his oratory skills. Listening to Obama makes me fascinated because of the way he talks. I consider him one of the greatest speakers globally. The delivery skills of his speeches are highly powerful and I connect emotionally with him whenever he speaks. Also, I admire Obama because of his captivating hum...

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