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Name Instructor Course Date Pig Dissection Introduction Mammals have resemblance in different organs including similarity in the structure at different stages of development. Pigs, for instance, have anatomy that can easily be compared with a human if the right dissection protocol is implemented. Commonalities and differences exist in organs such as the muscles, internal organs, genitourinary structures and blood vessels among others. In this experiment, a comparison will be made between the anatomy of a human and a pig. During the process of Sus scrofa (pig) dissection, the lungs are likely to be similar to that of the Homo sapiens ( human). Materials and Methods The pig was first secured and stabilized on the operation platform with pins to ensure that the process is safe. Once the pig was secured, a scalpel was used to make an incision under the chin of the pig. The abdomen was then cut open around the umbilicus and fluid removed using a paper towel. The different organ...

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