Pinhole Camera Project DIAGRAM AND DESCRIPTION Dissertation Example

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Name: Supervisor: Course: Date: Pinhole Camera Project DIAGRAM AND DESCRIPTION 1.1. Diagram Fig 1: Pinhole Camera The pinhole camera is made of a box with a photographic paper at one end and a pinhole made at the other end. 1.2. Light Interactions Light and Photo Subject. Light falls on smooth and rough surfaces and gets reflected in similar and diffuse angles respectively. Reflected light rays travel towards the shutter. When the shutter is opened, light shines through the pinhole. Light and Pinhole. Light enters the pinhole and is focused on the photographic paper placed at the back of the box. The pinhole acts like a lens by forcing every point emitting light into the scene. Light and Photo Paper. The light hits the photo paper forming an image which is upside down. The photo paper represents the film inside the box where the image is recorded. This camera relies on the principle of the rectilinear theory of light where light travels in a straight line to produce an up...

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