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Billing and Lawsuit Process Student Professor Course Date How a Bill Becomes a Law Step 1: A Bill is proposed Any citizen can take part in drafting a bill. However, members of the Congress are the only ones permitted to introduce legislation and thus become the sponsors(s). The president, head of a federal agency or a cabinet member can initiate legislation. The House Clerk is responsible for assigning the bill a legislative number for easy introduction into the House of Representatives. The Senate clerk, on the other hand, gives the law a legal identity number for it to be introduced in the Senate. Step 2: Committee action Once the bill has been read out, it is introduced to a group of a committee. Here, the bill is carefully examined while considering the possibility of passing it into law. Failure to take action on the bill brings it to a halt (Oleszek, 2014). Step 3: Subcommittee Analysis Once it has passed through the committee action, a subcommittee is selected for f...

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