Poncho Garments play Dissertation Example

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Students Name Teacher’s Name Course Date Poncho Garments play a major role in the identity of an individual and their culture. Over time, different styles of garments have been used to distinguish people, their background, and hierarchy in the society. The Poncho, a sleeveless garment with space at the top for head passage, is majorly associated with the Mexicans (Škafar 1). It is believed to have originated from the southern part of the Andreas Mountain present-day Peru and Chile. Each region had its own pattern and style with some having white with dull stripes on their ponchos while others had flora patterns and distinct shapes on theirs. Due to the harsh weather in the region, they were used to keep the body warm, as protective gears and as blankets. With the coming of Europeans in the Americas, the visitors' incorporated designs that suited their style which was made from luxury fabrics. Being a traditional wear, it was a symbol of authority and this was defined by the pat...

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