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SCI 100 Question Development Worksheet Answer the following questions. Your instructor will use these answers to evaluate the critical elements of Project 2. Why did you select your news story? What about the story makes it interesting to you both personally and scientifically? Who does not like oceans? Ocean beaches are my favorite destinations during holidays. The ambiance they exude gives me the calmness and tranquility that I yearn for after tough days at work. Seafood is also my favorite food. Who does not like fish anyway? These are the factors that drew to this topic. While watching a nature documentary about ocean life depletion, it dawned on me that indeed the impacts of climate change and global warming have begun taking a toll on the ocean life. This documentary detailed the impacts of global warming, which in many ways have disrupted the ocean ecosystem. First, it touched on the melting of the polar ice caps leading to the sea-level rise, before detailing on how global...

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