Pseudomonas fluorenscens Pseudomonas fluorenscens is a rod-shaped Bactria – Dissertation Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Pseudomonas fluorenscens Pseudomonas fluorenscens is a rod-shaped Bactria that belongs to the genus Pseudomonas. Its habitats is in different places. Mostly, the bacterium is found in the plant, water and mostly in the loam soil surfaces. Pseudomonas fluorescens has a versatile metabolism and is mostly suited for temperatures between 25-30 degrees (Trivedi et al. 16). This is because it is heterotrophic and requires simple nutrition. It uses carbon for its growth and is capable of using nitrate instead of oxygen. Pseudomonas fluorescens has specific characteristics. First, it is rod-shaped and is mostly between 0.5 to 1 micrometers long. It has visible flagella that extend from the cells. The group that it belongs is also characterized by the thin layer of peptidoglycan that protrudes from the cell membrane. When observed under the microscope, Pseudomonas fluorescens appears red after undergoing a straining procedure (Pavlova et al. 45). Because of the...

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