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Psychological Development of Adolescents Student’s Name University Psychological Development of Adolescents Self-harming implies causing pain to oneself to get rid of emotional distress or pain. Dalia exhibits various forms of self-harming behaviors, including burning, cutting, ingesting sharp objects or toxic substances, removing bodily hairs, and making tattoos on the skin, although this can be less painful. Dalia is struggling to adapt to profound stress levels in school, with her parents (mother), and with her peers, causing her to develop such self-harming behaviors as she becomes vulnerable to them (Plummer, Makris & Brocksen, 2014). The failure to live up or adapt to the conditions surrounding her teenage life has led to acquiring and engaging in self-harming behaviors as a way of self-punishment. Dalia also engages in the self-harming behavior of cutting using sharp objects like a razor blade for reasons such as relieving pressure or stress, as a response to sexua...

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