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Student Tutor Course Date PUERTO AZUL The plan is to renovate the existing structures with the aim of making the hotel meet the modern standards. There are some of the existing structures within the hotel which affects its functionality. Therefore, the management will select project teams to deal with various programs (Rodrı́guez, 92). Use of this approach will save time and resources. In this play, there are both major and minor projects. Things like painting, renaming streets and tree planting are minor projects, and smaller teams can handle them. However, major projects such as interior design, road construction, roofing, and fixtures and fittings will be major projects which may require serious attention (Dator, 201). Sustainability plans are meant to ensure that the hotel serves the needs of the present generation as well as those of the future. Thus, the use of materials in the innovation process will meet the LEED standards. Also, the new changes will consider environmen...

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