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Questions and Answers Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Questions and Answers Question 1 Remote sensing (RS) provides updated geoinformation, which significantly improves rescue efforts. For instance, RS can provide real-time information about the terrorist position, which enhances the likelihood of saving the loss of human lives and property (Asmat, 2010). RS also helps in identification of ground objects, an essential aspect in tracking enemies hidden in caves, as well as facilitating the identification of explosives that have been buried underground (Asmat, 2010). Besides, broadcasted messages can easily be used to identify terrorist hideout positions. Question 2 Since the equipment on-board drones allow for the collection of sound, visual images, as well as geo-location information, such kind of information is private. If the target has not consented to the collection of such information, then there arises a privacy issue. Drones can be used for spying and the in...

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