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Questions and Answers Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Questions and Answers Question 1 The qualities of water bodies that present difficulties when studying from surface observations include water quality, temperature, pollution, water depth, salinity, eutrophication, and agricultural runoff (Bagchi & Bussa, 2010). However, with use of remote sensing, it becomes easier to study the qualities. For instance, suspended solids can be analyzed using reflectance of the visible spectrum. In this case, the reflectance increases with the increase in suspended solids (Bagchi & Bussa, 2010). Changes in the color of infrared can be used to study eutrophication and agricultural runoff. Question 2 It is challenging to study broad geographic extents, and it usually takes a lot of time when current remote sensing technology is not used (Kuemmerle et al., 2013). Also, without aerial mapping, it is usually costlier and takes a lot of time. In addition, there is lack of fine-s...

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