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Aviation Questions Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Aviation Questions Question 1: Anti-Terrorism System Design Various designs can be adopted, such as the use of X-rays that are capable of tracing contours of a person and reveal any hidden object, such as drugs and explosives. Also, the quadrupole resonance scanning can identify potentially dangerous materials in suitcases by examining energy wavelengths emitted by the suitcase contents. Polygraphs have been implemented to detect whether passengers are lying. Lastly, autopilot systems have been adopted that can be activated remotely once terrorists gain control of an aircraft. Question 2: Anti-Terrorism Organizations The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is a counterterrorism organization in the US that employs a variety of methods. These include keeping terrorist out of the US by putting in place adequate screening and immigration measures and combatting terrorist travel by cutting off their financial resour...

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