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Student name Institution Course Date “The Use of Force” by William Carlos Williams; it is the common story with a lot of compassion which has left many of the readers in total dilemma. In this story, many issues which are debated are social issues. From chapter 33, the main question which can be paused surrounds on justification good deeds with purpose. This has compelled the use of force not to be only the cause for the use of altruism. In this story, there are two main different tasks, the dark side which persists to every individual, parents and the children concern. This has caused the use of sympathy on the patient's care (William, Robert, & Williams, 2155). The most significant question in this story presents the use of force as one of the good caused which can be justified. The author, William Carlos was the doctor of the real life; his story presents the situation which can be looked upon by many of the people in different perceptions Williams, (William, Ro...

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