Reflection Body-brain Dissertation Example

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Name Professor’s Name Course Date Reflection Body-brain relation is very crucial for a person to enjoy a healthy and comfortable life. While some say that the role of a healthy brain is more important for a healthy body, others turn this argument upside down and say that a healthy body is essential that anything else. Nevertheless, the discussion lands on the point that every human has an equal right to live happy and healthy. However, patients that have schizophrenia do not seem to enjoy life the way they expect or deserve. Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness with minimum to no cure. There are many symptoms of this mental illness including hallucination, depression, suicidal tendencies, delusion and deterioration of personal, social and intellectual capability of the patient. It has been proved in medical research that this is a genetic disease and is transferred from one generation to another. It makes individuals that have the disorder in their family vulnerable to a p...

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