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Name Name Course Date Reflective Piece I applied for a mortgage with falsified documents to Bank of Ireland which is completely unacceptable. I am now before the court for an offense I have committed, where I decided to allow for the falsification documents of mortgage documents. At the time when I applied, I did not think of ripple effect it would have on my family, bankers and the community. The area we purchased it was far from safe that came apparent within the area of crime, drug drop offs and antisocial behavior. I felt suffocated with worry that my daughter would be raised in the antisocial environment. My goal was to give my daughter a better start and live in an area that we didn’t feel safe in and not to be intimated which myself and my partner did on a daily basis. I got so consumed of getting out of the area I despised that I offended, which is ironic as I wanted my daughter not to be influenced by bad influences within the area we were living in. I meet with M...

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