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The Scope of a Registered Nurse Hilary Miller MSN-Ed, RN, PHN, CHPN THE SCOPE OF A REGISTERED NURSE Nursing is a critical profession that entails training in nursing education and consequent relevant licensing by the appropriate regulatory authority to initiate practice. Nurses or Registered Nurses (RN) are essential in a hospital setting, whereby, their responsibilities include outpatient care, procedure, deliberation, and examination in the consultation departments. Additionally, nurses can practice and assist in management in both inpatient and outpatient departments. Nurses have the option to practice as an independent or as a group. Generally, nurses perform various duties ranging from preventive care education to administration of medicine, depending on their area of specialty. As a registered nurse I have worked with patients with a variety of health complications. I have worked in the high-dependency unit, where I have faced new challenges every day, and this has helped t...

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