Free RELIGION Dissertation Example

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Reflection My responses to the above Person 1 race/ethnicity: Asian Person 2 socio-econ class: (Upper class) Person 3 religion: (Muslim) Person 4 politics: (Republican) Person 5 category: Profession (Cosmologist) God? Yes, no or maybe. Yes No Maybe Yes Yes No Explanations For belief a. Inherited b. Cosmological c. Ontological d. Design e. Pragmatic f. other c. Ontological a. Inherited f. Other d. Design a. Inherited b. Cosmological Explanations Against belief a. Evil b. No evidence c. Science answers all d. God is superstition e. other b. no evidence c. Science answers all Explanations for “Maybe” Sometimes the notion that God provides everything for man is usually wrong. You have to work hard to get all you want. There doesn't have to be a god to fulfill your needs. Do they mention the problem of evil or undeserved suffering? Evil and suffering are what takes us closer to god. We are called to suffer and take the cross just lik...
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