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Module 5 Discussion Board: Remember the Titans Name Institutional Affiliation The Path-Goal Theory and the “Remember the Titans” Film The film "Remember the Titans" explore how a change in leadership qualities was used in a real-life story of a high school team in Virginia to change the perceptions of two-faced team members to play together and win. In the film, the captain, Gerry, uses leadership skills to change the way team members related with one another in the field for their collective goal of winning the game. In one of the scenes, Gerry is made to make a hard decision to cut one of his friends and teammate from the game because of playing bad on purpose. The player, Ray, was playing bad because he did not want to play together with the black teammates CITATION Yan00 l 1033 (Howard, 2000). In this context, Gerry showed elements of Path-Goal Theory that encouraged the team members to focus on the goal of winning rather than their racial differences. The Path-Goal Theo...

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