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Article Review Name: Institution Affiliation: Course: Date: Presently, the biological effect of having alkaline water has been considered to be quite a controversial ideology. This article merely has just looked at a three-year survival-based study on a rough population of around 150 mice. The alkaline water that has been proposed in most cases is also used for some commercial purposes (Takahashi et al. 2014). In the recent times, there have also been some additional research and studies that have been done on the reduced alkaline water which in most cases is also referred to as electrolyzed water which is sufficiently produced from other minerals (Magro et al. 2016). This whole experiment was initially based on a 15-day waiting period. Immediately after the period of acclimatization, some of the animals got watered with alkaline water (Magro et al. 2016). Shortly after the first year, the group that was sided to be having extremely active animals; they were also subjected to an...

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