Responses on the Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Dissertation Example

Category: Health
Subcategory: Medicine
Level: Masters
Pages: 2
Words: 550
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Responses on the Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Name Institution Response 1 Danielle has provided a precise understanding of the use and concept of Complementary and Alternative medicine (CAM). The key points regarding the affected populations have been highlighted, and relevant evidence from the right sources has supported an in-depth analysis of the use of CAM. I concur with Danielle that the use of CAM across different populations has had different impacts on the users. The modalities adopted have been shown to range from the use of supplements and other natural medicine. Focusing on one population, for this case Hispanic/Latino has played a crucial role in explaining how people with the diabetic condition have adopted the use of supplements in addressing the issues. The spiritual aspect has also been outlined to reflect on how the social practices and uses prayers and other religious rituals enhance health. Therefore, Daniela has provided compelling information...

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