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Medicaid Student's Name Institution Affiliation According to Rowland and Garfield (2000), to be considered eligible for Medicaid, a patient must not have been involved in the transfer of assets in the recent past. This is because it is not recommended to be done so quickly, and ultimatums have been put in place "for individuals who are involved in the transfer of assets without receiving fair value in return." When applying for Medicaid one must divulge all financial transactions s/he has been involved in for the set period. It is then the role of the State Medicaid agency to determine if there was transparency in the transfer of assets. The ultimatums put in place are among others penalties and the penalty period cannot be commenced until the resident of the nursing home faces bankruptcy (Rowland & Garfield, 2000). However, there are exceptions to this policy, for example, transferring assets to a given recipients does not initiate a Medicaid ineligibility period and these ex...

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