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Name Tutor Course Date Conceptual Presentation Topic: “Survival of the Fittest” Purpose: This conceptual, technical presentation aims at clarifying the meaning of the phrase “survival of the fittest” as used in defense of the controversial concept of “biological evolution” and eliminating the confusion that has led many people into disputing the theory that present-day organisms have undergone evolution. Main Idea: This speech will cover the concept of “survival of the fittest” in four steps. First I will introduce the concept and how it originated. Second I will discuss the flawed version of the concept. Third, I will discuss the reason for the confusion and last, I will explain the meaning of the concept. INTRODUCTION The phrase Survival of the Fittest was coined in 1852 by an English philosopher and sociologist called Herbert Spencer (Vender 328). Based on his early interests in science, Spencer took a keen interest in the “theory of biological evolutio...

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