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Aviation Questions Students Name: Institutional Affiliation: Date submitted: Question 1 In forestry field, satellites are fundamental when it comes to the aspect of observation compared to aircraft-borne sensors. Satellites allow coverage of large area thus enabling regional surveyors to identify large features. It allows for constant coverage of a city. Collecting data across a variety of resolutions and scales is easy. Color composite is obtained from three different band images that ensure that the details of an area are much defined. One disadvantage is that satellites might give poor resolution images as compared to aircraft sensors (Ozesmi, 2002). Question 2 Overhead views have a lot of disadvantages; the view covers a large size of the area as compared to the ground view. It can be used for places where the roads are inaccessible. It gives a day by day comparison of areas of interest. Provides objective record and permanent changes within an area (Kolesnik., 2001). It ...

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