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Student’s Name Tutor’s Name Course Date Routine Claim Letter for a Dell Laptop 21 June 2018 Pauline Ncube36 Leaf Avenue Lucky Summer Ph 027 027 0270 [email protected] Dell Electronic Stores P.O Box 2312 Gemini Street, Palm Land City. To the Manager, COMPENSATION FOR A DELL LAPTOP I am writing to inform you about the Dell Laptop that I bought from your shop on Gemini Street on 21st June 2018. It is unfortunate that the laptop failed to work properly after using it for a month. According to the specification of the product that I ordered for, I expected a well-functioning Dell Latitude E4310 Laptop with 14.0 Inches screen display. The laptop which is Intel Core i5 and to have a 2.5 processor, 2 GB RAM, as well as 500 GB storage, came together with a one-year warranty. I would like to express my dissatisfaction with the product that was delivered to me on 23rd June 2018 after I ordered a Dell Latitude E4310 Laptop on 21st June 2018. Specifically, the laptop that w...

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