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Self Care and Well being Sample
Self-Care and Wellbeing Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Part 1: Mission statement To be the world’s leading center of choice for helping child victims of abuse and its employees economically, physically and socially through continuous development of their wellness and support. Part 2: Organization Self-care and well being Balancing the busy schedules at the workplace and the normal home routine jobs at times can be very stressing to the employees. The firm has to come up with a common culture for all the employees with the aim of minimizing employee trauma, stress, and exhaustion. The firm thus has developed some self-care practices for the employees which can translate into better work ratio. For the employees who have low job schedules and can have breaks during the working hours, the firm has provided gyms at the working complex for them to burn out some steam. Also, the employers have granted workers the time to have meditation sessions for few minutes. The firm st...
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