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Tutor: Student: Course: Date: Share a Coke This advert is set in the US in a major city. The time is towards evening as the sun spreads its descending rays. It can be seen from the introduction that the commercial is meant to advertise the consumption of Coca-Cola brand. This brand has been among the best in its ads regarding their settings and participants. Although the introduction indicated descending sun rays, a teenager runs to a shop, which located in an urban center. She gets a bottle of the beverage from the shopkeeper. Her looks show how beautiful and nicely dressed she is. At the shop, she can access an array of coca cola bottles which are branded different names. She takes time to the shop while selecting the one that fits her interest. Also, the ad shows that there is no other brand of beverage other than the coca cola. Her beauty energy and smiles show that she is going for something good. Also, the introduction is filled with music which gives all the good qualitie...

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