Free Share Practice: Personal Motivation and Purpose Dissertation Example

Share Practice: Personal Motivation and Purpose Sample
Personal Motivation and Purpose {Student’s Name} {Instructor’s Name} {Institutional Affiliate} {Date} Abstract The paper provides a scenario where I felt motivated in my professional careers as well as the situation that I faced and put me off in the working environment. Ideally, motivation refers to the intrinsic desire to perform and achieve the set target. The organization needs to create a supportive work environment to motivate the employees on give out their best. This can be achieved by aligning the individual, organizational goals for a mutual benefit. Organizations must appreciate that people are the most valuable assets that they can have and consider a significant investment in the motivational program to enhance performance and accomplishment of the set goals and objective. However, the greatest challenge facing most of the firms today is how to establish a system that creates motivation for all individual within the organization. Rewards and punishment have been use...
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