Free Shared Practice: Feed forward activity Dissertation Example

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Feedforward Technique for Professional Development Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract Procrastination is a common problem at work; thus, every employee has encountered procrastination at some point in their career. It involves avoiding the important activities and concentrating on the urgent. Despite having the capacity to be the best employee I always have a problem concentrating on my work. My major problem is deviating from work and viewing my social media profile. I am addicted to social media especially Facebook, and I spend more time reading emails. I would like to end the procrastination problem since it will positively impact on my life and that of my colleagues at work. On feedforward, this article acknowledges that feedback is still a vital tool though not proactive. Feedback focuses on the past and no future. Feedforward has a futuristic dimension and can enhance learning within the organization. While it has its strengths, feedforward requires the manager to ...

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