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Name Instructor Course Date Methods used by leaders and protestors in the US civil right movement The civil rights crusade was a fight against social injustice and racial discrimination in the US from the 1950s through to 1960s by blacks in order to gain equal treatment with the whites in education, employment, voting rights, housing and even access to public amenities. The movement aimed at restoring the citizenship rights of African Americans which had been corroded by the separation laws of Jim Crow. The principal leader of the movement was Martin Luther King Jr. who adhered to the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi of non-violence approaches in dealing with unjust, racist societies. During the ‘African-American civil rights’ era, nonviolent techniques, also known as pacifism were applied in airing the grievances of Africans. This technique involves impacting on the society positively in order to realize social changes within a society. The methods used in the movement included...
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