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Name Instructor Course Date Abstract The Berlin Crisis refers to the events of 1961 that resulted into the construction of the Berlin wall. The primary conflict occurred amid the U. S and the Soviet Union (USSR) about the split Germany city in Berlin. The events ensuing to the crisis of 1961 can be traced back to the year 1948 when USSR obstructed the United States from getting into their territories on the Western side of Berlin. The Soviet Union gave an ultimatum to the United Kingdom, the US and France to surrender their territories within Berlin but they were adamant. Therefore, the Soviet Union signed an agreement with East Germany to help counter the other powers. This led to the division of Berlin into East and West by the Berlin wall which was erected in 1961. The purposes and activities of the United Nations (UN) consist of maintaining harmony and safety among all people. The UN also works to realize international cooperation in resolving international matters related to...

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