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Situational Business Analysis Paper Institution Affiliation Course Professor's Name Date TOC h u z Section I Industry Analysis: Luxury Hotel PAGEREF _Toc517734726 h 3A.Industry Profile PAGEREF _Toc517734727 h 31. Industry Classification PAGEREF _Toc517734728 h 32. Size and Growth PAGEREF _Toc517734729 h 63. Government Regulations PAGEREF _Toc517734730 h 8Section II Company Analysis: Marriott International Inc. PAGEREF _Toc517734731 h 10A. Company Profile PAGEREF _Toc517734732 h 101. Industry Classification PAGEREF _Toc517734733 h 102. Size and Growth PAGEREF _Toc517734734 h 103. Company Profitability PAGEREF _Toc517734735 h 10a) Factors affecting profitability PAGEREF _Toc517734736 h 10b) Product segmentation PAGEREF _Toc517734737 h 11c) The degree of company concentration PAGEREF _Toc517734738 h 11d) Price factors PAGEREF _Toc517734739 h 11B.Company Vision; Mission; Guiding Principles PAGEREF _Toc517734740 h 11C. External Environment Evaluation ...

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