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Aviation Questions Name Institution Aviation Questions Q 1: History of Counterterrorism The two major counterterrorism tactics developed and put to use before the late 20th century are subversion and infiltration. Subversion can be said to be the act of other throwing the leadership or the ruling body of a certain country. This counterterrorism tactic is used mainly by powerful nations who want to overturn a government that may be sponsoring terrorist attacks against it (Rosenau, 2014). A current example is the subversion of the Libyan government headed by Muammar Gaddafi during the Arab spring and by Britain against the Irish Republic in 1880. Infiltration is the act of penetrating into a certain community and establishing a subtle presence by the use of undercover agents who become part of the target community. Q 2: Counterintelligence The counterintelligence teams often face various challenges while doing their job of collecting reliable intelligence to be used in ...

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