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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Skeleton Paper: The US Government Should Grant Amnesty to Illegal Immigrants With Donald Trump’s administration now fighting the Californian authority for what he calls “being too soft” on immigrants, it becomes clear to the entire world that the issue of immigrants is a complex one. As such, America can be in a better position accommodating immigrants than deporting them. The US government should grant amnesty to the current immigrants as a way of addressing the country is facing such as crime and tap the economic, diversity, and political benefits they bring. Granting amnesty to illegal immigrants in the US has a reducing effect on the crime. Therefore, the American societies will enjoy safe communities as cases of crimes dwindles with time. A report by Future of Freedom Foundation, “all … violent crimes dropped dramatically since 1986” (Richman 4) the last time amnesty was given to immigrants in the US. Most of the...

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