Sound and sense in poems Dissertation Example

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course number Date SOUND AND SENSE IN POEMS While some poems, referred to as concrete poems, create sense employing the visual outlook. Most other poems generate attention to the meaning by utilizing the sound patterns. The sound of each of these words draws the attention of the reader first to the individual words and then cumulatively to the general experience or feeling that the poet intends to create. The sound pattern gives the information to the reader about tone. The dominance of a particular sound pattern in a poem may reveal the poet's general feeling of the theme CITATION Wor18 l 1033 (Wordpress). A poet's choice of words is, therefore, not just done haphazardly but keeping in mind the impression and the sense that the poet intends to drive to the target audience. It, therefore, follows that good poets will apply very different sound structures when they are addressing issues whose cores are divergent. In the poem “A Poem for Duncan...

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