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Category: Chemical engineering
Subcategory: Civil engineering
Level: University
Pages: 2
Words: 550
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Student’s Name: Instructor's Name: Course: Date: Statement of Purpose Since my childhood, I have constantly developed more and more curiosity about how machines operate. My curiosity was never satisfied by the outer appearance of the machines anymore, and I was constantly looking forward to learning more about how these machines operate. I have always dreamt of learning, from all kinds of vehicles people used in daily life to the super-speed Hyperloop we may use in the future; from simple computer tools used for children’s entertainment to haptic interface robots used for surgery. My career in mechanical engineering arrived just like a wish-granting spell since it combines various disciplines that I am passionate about. I believe that pursuing Masters in Mechanical Engineering will help me grow into a competent professional engineer and broaden my knowledge and perspective in this area. I completed my Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering in 2015, attaining an over...

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