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Student’s Name Instructor Course Date Statistics Mini Project Analysis The data analyzed is a survey of a business school graduates’ employment areas conducted by the school’s placement office. These areas include accounting, finance, general management, sales, and others. A total of 253 entries were recorded and from the analysis, the count for each form of employment was assessed. Analyzing the data provided in the excel sheet we have gathered the following information: LINK Excel.Sheet.12 "F:\Copy_of_Data-Course_Project.xlsx" "Sheet2!R36C2:R42C3" a f 4 h * MERGEFORMAT Area of Employment Number Employed 1. Accounting 73 2. Finance 52 3. General Management 36 4. Marketing / Sales 64 5. Others 28 Grand Total 253 Figure1: Count for each employment Further analysis shows classification of the employment categories by gender. LINK Excel.Sheet.12 "F:\Copy_of_Data-Course_Project.xlsx" "Sheet2!R14C10:R21C14" a f 4 h * MERGEFORMAT Area by Gender Row Labels Female Male G...

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