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Student’s Name Lecturer’s Name Course Name and Number Date Submitted Beacons A beacon is a fire or light that is set on a hilltop or at a raised place to act as a signal or a warning. Beacons provide symbolic imagery for the people to see and identify relevant information that is passed by the signal, Towers, signal buoys, and lighthouses can be used as beacons as they also provide signals (Burns 32). The term beacon can also be used figuratively, for instance, the Zhang family was unstable, the husband is said to have had wondering eyes, and even though the wife knew of this, she still had a reason to stay. The wife stayed because of her child, in this case, the daughter was the family's beacon of hope during the times of trouble. The piano is an example of a beacon because of its melodious and beautiful sound of the E Flat key. The author states that before they moved to their new place (Bushwick), they lived in East Flatbush, a region they referred to as E Flat because of ...

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