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Name Professor Subject Date Boston Tea Party ends the taxation tyranny Recently, the British Parliament enacted the Tea Act to rescue the faltering East India Company by lowering its tax. The Act granted the company a virtual monopoly on tea trading in American by undercutting tea imported into America by the Dutch traders. The step the British parliament has taken is a clear indicator of the continuing taxation tyranny and violation of our rights as Englishmen. In response to the move, Bostonian patriots, on 16th of December, 1773 took a nobble step and flung out forty-six tons of tea from three ships into the deep waters. The protests were spearheaded by the sons of liberty, a secret social group formed by the radical colonialists to dissent the taxation policies (Gross 129). The quantity of the tea flung out was so large that paddle boats had to push it out toward the open sea or lest it would have washed up the entire shore. Following the Boston tea party, the British Parlia...

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