Team Campaign Strategy Dissertation Example

Team Campaign Strategy Sample
Tumble Weed Tiny House Hotel Advertisement Student`s Name Institution Affiliation TABLE OF CONTENTS TOC o "1-3" h z u Team Campaign Strategy PAGEREF _Toc514778973 h 2Media Objectives PAGEREF _Toc514778975 h 2Message Strategy PAGEREF _Toc514778976 h 4Message Objective PAGEREF _Toc514778977 h 4Media planning and selling PAGEREF _Toc514778978 h 4 Team Campaign Strategy The objective of the advertisement for the tumbleweed hotels is to fetch new customers and maintain their current clients. Conversely, the hotel targets to reach out to families, groups, and couples. Basically, this hotel caters for the people who love camping and traveling across Michigan City. To sum up, the hotels offer campgrounds which are an amazing place to showcase the natural beauty of Michigan. The ad will show the perfect settings of the campground which entails canopy woodlands and the most famous sand dunes. For those in affection with wildlife will find Michigan`s National Parks great. Equally important, this ...
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