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Telecommunication report: May 2018 Compiled by: Name Submitted to: Name In May 2018, we encountered several problems during our operations. The first challenges were related to fault and alarm. The FALCON cable developed issues several times resulting in the failure of Route 11. The FOTs cables also failed and subsequently affected the functionality of Route 2 and Route 3. Likewise, the C-Telecom and T-Telecom carriers expired. The C-Telecom carrier expired on April 26, 2018, and the expiry was detected eight days later. Expiry of the carriers affected the cable sector as we could not send or receive any essential information regarding the problem. Furthermore, NOC did not signal the problem to us and therefore the duration it took to identify the failure extended. Secondly, during May, we experienced call challenges. One of the call challenges we experienced was call rejects. QN telecom expressed dissatisfaction as they asserted that most of their calls were rejected. The call rej...

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