The 1763 Treaty of Paris Dissertation Example

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Student’s Name Professors Name Course Date The 1763 Treaty of Paris The 1763 treaty was a treaty that was signed by four countries, that is Britain, Portugal, France, as well as Spain (Bartlett 6). The treaty was signed on the 10th of February in the year 1763. The treaty was signed after Britain emerged as the conqueror over France as well as Spain during the war fought between them for seven years. The war led to Britain being termed as Great Britain, showing its superiority over the rest of the nations that fought the war. The treaty officially ended the war which was fought for seven years. The war was commonly referred to as the Indian and French war by the North Americans. Besides, the signing of the 1763 treaty was the beginning of the new era of the domination of Britain beyond Europe. The purpose of this document is to apparently look at the concessions which were forced upon France, and additionally explain and discuss what England gave in return (Bartlett 20-25). It w...

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