The 1960s were nothing short of a rollercoaster Dissertation Example

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Name Course Instructor Date Summary Chapter 12 The 1960s were nothing short of a rollercoaster. The decade was characterized by increased Civil Rights movements, a lot of violence in the American society and politics, the war in Vietnam, and the growing loss of faith on the American institutions and systems of governance. Also, this period was marked by the assassination of civil rights leaders (Malcolm X-1965 and Martin Luther King-1968), one president, and his brother. The Cold War was also at its peak. In 1960, John F. Kennedy won a closely contested presidential election between him and Richard Nixon. While Kennedy oozed a fresh sense of leadership that promised to spur the economic growth of the US, in the 'space race’, tame corruption, and expand the civil rights movements, he was faced by daunting foreign policy challenges that included the Cuban Missile Crisis, the actions of the US in Vietnam, and the Bay of Pigs invasion (Fidel Castro assassination attempt). During th...

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