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Name Instructor Course Date Journal Article Critique 2 Section I: Article The article under review is Fosten, Gerald K. "Perspectives on social inequality, criminal justice, and race in the United States: A critical analysis." Journal of Pan African Studies 9.9, 2016, pp.122-142. It is one of the most outstanding evaluative articles demystifying the plight of African Americans in the metropolitan American society. Section II: Purpose The purpose of this article is to provide an elaborate explanation of how the U.S. criminal justice systems, conservatives, and White supremacy resurgence contribute to Blacks’ social inequality with the aim of reducing social inequality in African American groups (Gerald 134). Section III: Theoretical Perspective In this article, Fosten K. Gerald, an African America researcher from Harvard University, critically examines how government agencies employ mass incarceration, racism, and felony disenfranchisement to serve economic interests, spec...

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