The Boy in the Striped Dissertation Example

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Subcategory: Literature
Level: High School
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Boyne, John. Anderson5.Net, 2006 Boy in the Striped Pajamas.pdf. Accessed 20 June 2018 In this book, John Boyne depicts his prowess in the literature. The author incorporates various styles and writing techniques to bring out multiple themes from the narration. The setting of the story is in Nazi Germany, at the time of World War II. The story features a young boy, Bruno, whose family moves to a new location. This location is outside the camp, from where the boy's family previously hailed. Bruno meets and befriends a boy in striped pajamas. Boyne uses allegory symbolism and imagery to bring out various themes in the story. Some of the most significant instances of symbolism are Bruno's window. The author uses this to symbolize Bruno's the eye of the boy's (Bruno) soul. Although the fence, maybe is meant to separate Bruno's family from people such as Shmuel from Auschwitz, it is worth noting that this is another c...

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