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Name Professor Title Date The Death Penalty In the essay Why the United States Will Join the Rest of the World in Abandoning Capital Punishment, Stephen B. Bright seeks to explore the myriad of reasons why the United States should end capital punishment. In this, the writer explores the current state of the judicial punishment within the country while contrasting it with specific nights. According to him, most of the Americans possess little knowledge of both present and past realities of capital punishment (Bedau& Cassell, 152). Though different states hold diverse views on the subject, there are those that are adamantly known to maintain its validity. Mostly, these are based on the southern side of the country. For a better understanding of the process, one is bound to observe those states where it is upheld. One of the states is Illinois. Throughout the years, it has been found that innocent people have at times fell victim to the process. In this, prosecutions have seen t...

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