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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date The Death Penalty in the United States In the past, most Americans have favored the death penalty. The number of individuals in support of this form of punishment has, however, dropped. By 1996, seventy-eight percent of US citizens supported capital penalty while eighteen percent disparaged it; by 2013, the opposition of the punishment had climbed by a percentage of thirty-seven while those in favor had fallen to fifty-five percent ("Opinion | Capital Punishment Deserves a Quick Death"). The difference in number between opponents and supporters of the penalty had reduced in points by a percentage of forty-two, which is a huge blow. The issue of the death penalty has continued to be a massive debate among several stakeholders in the section of criminal justice on whether or not the mode of the sentence should be banned in the USA. The following paper seeks to investigate the issue of death punishment, focusing on both the rea...

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