Free The Ethical Challenges and Legal Risk of Being a Manager Dissertation Example

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The Ethical Challenges and Legal Risk of Being a Manager Student Institution Abstract Unethical conducts from middle-level manners have become rampant in many organizations, especially where there are no keen mechanisms for monitoring the behaviors of managers. These misconducts have affected many individuals and have resulted in many employees losing their jobs in a wrong way. Moreover, the top level or middle-level managers use their positions to undermine the low-level employees by demanding unethical favors from them. Even though many employees would prefer keeping quiet about it in case it occurs, it does kill their morale and confidence in working with the companies. This discussion focuses on situations where top-level managers have used their position to promote unethical conduct between them and the employees. It, however, does not find solutions to such scenarios. It, therefore, requires a case study for such behavio...

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