The factor that defined Muhammad Ali Dissertation Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Muhammad Ali. The factor that defined Muhammad Ali, initially known as Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr the most is himself being a symbol of civil rights movement. The reasons why he was so influential in his life is reflected when through denouncing his name which had lousy meaning. He refused to join wars that were aimed at killing innocent people and instead of joining civil right movements that were against the wars. He was a great self-motivator, and at the same time, he was a celebrity crowd. The three best reasons. First of all, he denounced his initial names as Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali. He said he did not choose the name Cassius thus had all means to change it. It had no good meaning to him since it reflected an aspect of slavery. He preferred Muhammed Ali which means beloved of God (Reed, ch.24). He was not pleased by the way Ernie Terrell referred him by his initial names before the 1967 war. In chapter 24 page 12, William R.Townsend " The gra...

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