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Name: Tutor's Name:Course: Date: THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF DIXIE By 1860 the Southern region of the United States of America had become substantially wealthy. The wealth and power were, however, distributed among a small minority that owned large plantations and achieved agricultural success through slave labor. The largest population in the South consisted of whites who did not keep slaves. Although these people were not as wealthy as the fewer landowners, they generally accepted slavery as a need if not a necessity for the people who owned the big parcels. However, a revolution that had started in the North was bringing change. Before the end of 1865, the white without majority that did not keep slaves ceased advocating for slavery, most property and authority were destroyed in the war, and the black community was significantly emancipated from the white ownership. On the other hand, those with big portions of land had to surrender everything they had including wealth, slaves an...

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