The first item I picked is a teacup Dissertation Example

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Level: High School
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Name: Course Instructor: Date: Part 1 The first item I picked is a teacup. A teacup for me means bonding time with friends. I enjoy this particular type of cup of tea during a cold day with a book indoors. In my culture, this particular item represents friendship and a sense of togetherness. People in my region used teatime to catch up and get to know new people. The second item is a doll. This item represents my childhood and some of the memories I created as a child. A doll in my culture symbolizes an item of admiration, a kid’s play object, or an item of enchantment. The final item I selected is the hearthstone foam stress ball. This item is mostly used by game addicts to relieve stress. It can also be used in workplaces or help in stressful situations. In my gaming culture, most people who play video games have these in their households. Part 2 Girls and women are being bombarded with beauty product advertisement because this industry is quite huge and their target groups ...

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